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The firewall

September 11, 2007

What is it with companies nowadays? This year I ordered a new broadband connection. It took 3 months to deliver it. I had my car's aircondition fixed before my holiday, it broke down on the first day of travel, in 40 degrees celsius heat. For the 25th time I have told my old cable TV provider that we cancelled the contract with them, and that they really should stop to try and steal money from my bankaccount. It seems that companies can't do it right the first time anymore. Is this because the lack of skilled people or do they just don't care?

With the above story in mind we ordered a new firewall for the car. We gave them the old one as a template, and they still managed to completely screw it up! It is way out of shape and unusable. How on earth can you screw it up when you have the original part lying next to you as an example!!! This sets us back yet another week as we need to bring it back and tell them to redo it. (And this time right)

By the way, the reason for ordering a new firewall is because the old one is made out of aluminium, not a very bright idea if you ask me.


Wiring loom fault II

September 3, 2007

Finally sorted the fault in the fusebox. Rewired 1 relay and added 2 diodes to get rid of unwanted behaviour.  All in all this annoying bug has cost me about 6 hours to solve without the schematics. Pictures of the modifications next week.



Wiring loom fault

August 28, 2007

Spent all evening yesterday to Iron out a fault in the loom / fusebox. We have all colour codes, connector numbers and the description of the fusebox, but we don't have the actual electrical schematics. The fault is in the lighting and, more specific, in the functionality of flashing the high beam when the  sidelights are on. Flashing the high beam doesn't do anything then and when turning the high beam on with the switch (nothing is supposed to happen then) is making a relay go haywire.  Here an image of the spaghetti:

 Fusebox spagetthi!

Figured a great deal out but not to the bottom of the problem yet.


Foto upload fixed.
Saturday, August 25

Finally able to upload photo's into my gallery again. The reason that it failed to create thumbnails was that gallery was searching for a a library index file in the wrong places.

Now for the progress on the car. We are still busy with the wiring. Unfortunally it has a fault in it that needs to be ironed out first. The fault is in the wiring of the fusebox.

fusebox Wiring everywhere!

Furthermore we ordered the parts for the firewall. Special, very expensive :-( , sound deadening material and teh firewall steel. The firewall steel has to be cut in 5 sections that will be attached seperately.

Here comes the firewall 

Also some more Rover parts are on order to finish the work on the engine. An exhaust specialist was contacted to discuss the possibilities we have for the exhaust fabrication.


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