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Wiring the car

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We are at the stage that we have to start wiring up the car. Unfortunally no schematics came with the car so we are in the dark at the moment. Talked to former Sienna Cars owner Alan and he gave me the number of Neville, who, appearantly, still runs a business called Sienna Cars. Neville has been more then helpfull and still has all kinds of information on the car lying about, including electrical diagrams etc. Neville has promised us to make a copy of the things he has and to send them to me.

Neville, when you read this: Many!!! thanks for helping us out! 

Also we are thinking on how to install the firewall. The waterpump was (and is) very close to the firewall and I am afraid that it might touch it when the engine is running . We can either create a recess in the firewall to allow more space for the waterpump or take the risk and hope 4mm is enough space. The first option is the solution which we most likely end up doing.

As the day to install the body is coming closer and closer, we also have to rethink the front boot of the car. If we install the body the way it is now, we can impossibly reach the steering rack and some more items that might be needing a service at one point in time. When we are going to test-fit the body again, we will most likely remove a lot of GRP and replace it with a removable cover.

For now, we are on the drawing board more then working on the car. 


More foam, aircon pump mounted!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

As promised a short update from Rome. Some pics received from the Netherlands.  The aircon pump bracket has been completed and mounted.

Aircon Bracket  Bracket Mounted

Airconpump mounted 

More work was done on filling the sills with foam. 

Left sill ready 

The grey openings left and right in the sill are actually a PVC pipe that can be used to carry some wiring if needed. 


Business trip.

Monday, June 4, 2007.

I will be on a business trip to Rome for the largest part of this week, but other people are working on the car. If I get a change I will try update the site with information about the progress made.


Wiring harnas and foam, yeach!

Monday, May 28, 2007

 With the Sienna came a wiring loom and fusebox that was completely numbered and ready for use. If it only was as simple as that....  With the Sienna came NO electric diagram to explain which number belongs to what. A typical disadvantage when buying a part build.

So, what can one do. Indeed, try to figure out how the heck it was supposed to be.

The wiring loom  Lights on!

We figured out quite a bit but not all. Will give Nevill who worked for Sienna a call to see if any documentation is left. Alan Booth did not have any. Also asked Erik to drop by with his Sienna soon so we can have a look at the wiring on his car.


We also made a start with filling unused space in the chassis with foam to dampen as much noise as possible. Put some PVC pipe in first in case we need some extra space for wiring.

foaming the sides  Oops, a bit too much!

Last but not least, the making of the aircon pump bracket is well under way. Tag welded here on the pic after correct fitment and now it needs to be welded all the way through, do a bit of work to make the bracket look good and apply a layer of zync coating and spray paint.

The aircon pump bracket

More pictures on the build can be found here

That's it for today!


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