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Gear shift, done.& other stuff

April 16, 2007

Time for an update after being on holiday etc.

What have we been up to? Well, for one, the gear shift mechanism is now completely reworked:


Also we started working on the petrol tanks, cleaning, etching and sealing, quite a  nasty job, but the tanks were full of rust and needed to be cleaned and sealed.


Work on the engine has also continued, made a bracket tonight that will guide the hydraulic clutch line and the accellerator cable. Still needs to be spray painted and zync coated. Will be done later this week. The lines will run through rubber rings which will be mounted into the bracket.

And finally, the front cover of the engine and waterpump are back on. Test fitted the aircon compressor and found we will have to fabricate our own bracket for the pump. Another job to do soon...

And last but not least an update on Erik's Sienna, the car that was hit from the rear by a truck. A mould was made from another Sienna body and the car now has a new rear end. looks much better won't you agree?


That's it for now. Until next time!

Questions? Comments? Please let me know!



Gear shift mechanism lowered II

Tuesday  March 27, 2007

Welded the new lowered support brackets for the gearshifter in place and also lowered the gearshift cable brackets.


Coated all that in a layer of zync and it will be spray painted with glossy black later this week. After that a sound dose of  transparent Tectyl will be used to make absolutely sure that rust won't stand a change. We are building the car with as much rust protection as possible. Seen to many rusty Countach chassis in the past.

The shift mechanism on the rear has been finalised as well.

This blog entry will be updated with more pics as soon as I have them (someone else took the photo's yesterday)


Gear shift mechanism lowered

Tuesday March 20, 2007

Work on lowering the gearshifter has started. Gear shift mechanism on the back has been finished as well as the brakelines on the rear of the car. 

The lowered gear shifter  The finished rear shift mechanism

Couldn't take more pics as my batteries went flat. More pics next update.


Back to the drawing board

Monday, March 12, 2007 

A little bit of a setback, when we stripped the car, we thought that the gearshifter (Ford Scorpio part) was fitted correctly. But while doing the gear setup, we found that the gear shifter is actually mounted way to high and is too short to allow for a gate gear shifter.


The whole shifter assembly needs to be brought down quite a bit to allow enough movement to apply the gate gear shifter. So we have to put the grinder into the freshly powdercoated chassis.  Bugger! The cable mounts  also need to be lowered to allow for this to work.

Gear shift mechanism on the back wasn't made perfect (our miss) and we worked on adjusting / changing that. It all works now and next week we will make it look right again.


Also worked on fixating the breaklines on the right rear of the car.

More next week!


PS: Please do leave some comment,  I have more then 30 unique visits a day and would really enjoy to hear back from you. Feels like I am talking to thin air at the moment! 

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