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Progress update
Monday June 12, 2006

All hard work starts to pay off now that we start re-assembling things. Here's a pic (click to see the original in the gallery) of the steering column. Finished it this evening and is ready now to be mounted back onto the chassis.
Finished steering column
Did more work on the engine and steering rack. Unfortunally one of the rubbers delivered did not fit so it can't be mounted yet. Started working on the aluminium panels that will seal off that chassis at the front end. Photo's in the engine and chassis section. 


Nickelplating spray painting and... more sandblasting
May 30, 2006

Long time no update. Been busy with a new bedroom for my oldest daughter and last week I had the pleasure of doing the Dutch "11 stedentocht"  (Normally know as a Dutch Skating event through 11 cities) in an oldtimer. To be more precise, a Triumph Gloria Southern Cross from 1936. That was something different then your modern transport. No brake assist, no power steering, double clutching. I had muscle ackes everywhere from driving this car!

Me behind the wheel of the Gloria

Back to the Lambo. The nickelplating set is somewhat dissapointing. Black stripes are left behind on the material to be plated and we don't know why. Will have to experiment some more. We decided to just bring all nuts 'n bolts and other stuff that needs a new protection layer  to a galvanizer. Did a lot of sandblasting -> zync coating -> spray painting again. Photo gallery is updated.

Nickelplating and ultrasoon cleaning
Mothersday, May 14, 2006

Worked on the steering column last week. All parts have been sandblasted and, where needed, zinc sprayed and given a fresh coat of paint. Some parts of the column couldn't be spray painted due to the fact that moving parts are rubbing against the paint, damaging it. So, these items need to be galvanized or nickel - plated. Since we also have loads of old nuts and bolts that are actually still quite good but in need of a new rust protection layer, we ordered a 10 liter nickel-plating set and an ultrasoon cleaner to clean the parts first. Hopefully it will all arive soon. Pics will follow soon in the photo section.


May 1, 2005

Did I mention before that I start to hate sandblasting? Because that's what I have been doing today again, sandblasting the steering column, bearing mounting etc. , spraying zinc spray on the sandblasted parts so that I can paint them with a color once dry. The shame about this all is that the parts I am sandblasting are new parts. They became rusty because the previous owner who partly built the car (We took it apart again, so go figure the build quality) left the car outside under a blanket. Thanks! (not!) Anyway, getting closer and closer to the real buildup stage. Keep sneak peeking the site for updates!

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